Daily Bafflements

The BafflerJuly 29, 2015
Only boring people get bored; and only startups try to make people watch strangers code an Atlas-Shrugged-based game. / Olga Fallas

Only boring people get bored, and only startups try to make people watch strangers code an Atlas Shrugged-based game. / Olga Fallas

• The Federal Bureau of Investigation thinks it’s wonderful that you love the environment, really and truly it is—but, and there is a but, “only if you do it in benign ways that don’t threaten industry.” However if you do question “pillars of unrestrained capitalist entitlement,” like the activists who tried to free minks by vandalizing a San Diego furriers with “paint, paint stripper, a super glue-type substance, butyric acid, muriatic acid and glass etchant,” well, you become worse than Dylann Roof. (Via The Intercept.)

• The National Venture Capital Association is launching a census today to find out the diversity of the V.C. “ecosystem.” They’re not raising their hopes for a flattering result: all they want is “a baseline which we can improve upon for many years to come.” Reach for the stars, V.C.s! (Via Tech Crunch.)

• Brevity is the soul of networking, recognizes LinkedIn, promising to cut down on the emails it sends on your behalf, and to keep it lean and mean in the future.

• Are you no longer bored of watching paint dry? How about watching other people code? You might get lucky and witness someone try to “make a game out of Atlas Shrugged,” and fail. (Via The Awl.)