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The BafflerApril 27, 2015
Corinthian Colleges Close / Max Wolfe

Corinthian Colleges close / Max Wolfe

• Corinthian Colleges, the vast, for-profit education company, has closed the twenty-eight schools it had left. The historic overnight shutdown operation leaves 16,000 students in the lurch (and in debt).

• Vice Media has launched a little something to keep you Millenials on top of your YouTube earnings, sponsored by Bank of America. For more on Vice’s virtuous business deals, read Anne Elizabeth Moore in Baffler no. 24.

• You know the podcast has officially “arrived” as a medium when America’s biggest terrestrial radio broadcaster says so. Said company, iHeartMedia, is in damnable debt. Even soinspired by the kitschy narrative arcs of This American Life, or rather by the money raked in by the spinoff show Serialit sees sunshine and flowers in its future.

Uber, meet Oober.