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    Trump Trolls the Welfare State

    Max B. Sawicky

    The document released last Wednesday by the White House bears no resemblance to most budget documents of days gone by. It’s more like the last minute delivery of a late term paper by some sleep-deprived undergraduate. The text has been scanned into a PDF file, rather than printed to a file, so you can’t search it. It is only sixty-two pages; complete Federal budgets run to thousands of pages. There is gaping white space, blank pages, and oversized margins, devices remembered by every college student to inflate the apparent length of a submitted assignment.

  • When the election is over, what is left of "rightwing populism"? / Jamelle Bouie

    Is Trump a Populist?

    Max B. Sawicky

    People relate “rightwing populism” to the excoriation of immigrants, demonization of the poor, and railing about high finance on the campaign trail. That criticism never amounts to any actual policies when the candidate is in office. What’s left is simply xenophobia and bigotry, which can be drawn out in all sectors of the population, including the working class. In other words, “rightwing populism” is really nothing but the stoking of popular intolerance. There is no meaningful populist content in the way Trump is trying to govern. Equating demagogy with populism is just a back-handed attack on populism’s critique of unregulated capitalism. Right-wingers cannot be populist.

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    Russia to Our Right

    Max B. Sawicky

    Russian interference in U.S. politics during the elections of 2016 and beyond is one big, fat, ugly squirrel. It commands attention but distracts from the related but more important matter of rising, Russian-supported far-right movements throughout… Read More »

  • Russian meddling in U.S. politics is here to stay, writes Max B. Sawicky. / James Vaughan

    The Russia House

    Max B. Sawicky

    “Russians pretty bad people, Mr. Wessby,” Tiu agreed. “They stink bad.” — John Le Carré, The Honourable Schoolboy I, for one, do not look forward to the rule of our new Russophilic overlords. The Trump… Read More »

  • According to Max B. Sawicky, the left won't win by vilifying Sanders's recent comments on Trump. / Paulann Egelhoff

    The Sanders Strategy

    Max B. Sawicky

    Okay, folks. This is the game. Bernie Sanders is taking the line of resisting the intolerant, warmongering Trump & Co., while simultaneously challenging the president-elect to put real money into infrastructure and to write better… Read More »

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    Hill, No? — Round 2

    Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Max B. Sawicky

    Update, November 3: We’re pleased to provide second installment in our hypothetical debate on what a blowout win for Hillary Clinton might mean for her critics on the left. Read Tuesday’s opening arguments (parts 1 and 2), and today’s… Read More »

  • Leftist and radical critique of Hillary seems to be focused on alleged corruption, rather than real policy differences. / Reynold Brown

    When Goo-Goos Attack

    Max B. Sawicky

    One of the less edifying displays in this election—there are many—is the level of left-liberal and radical critique of Hillary Clinton. Whether you advocate a vote for Clinton, Stein, or nobody, the discussions of Clinton… Read More »