Art director

The art director is responsible for the art and design of The Baffler magazine, commissioning all print illustrations and art features and working closely with a wide range of freelance artists. In addition, the art director is the keeper of The Baffler’s visual identity, designing promotional materials and stationery and offering guidance on the design and aesthetics of

Art direction

  • Commissions illustrations for all nonfiction pieces published in the magazine.
  • Commissions visual features, including op-art and photo essays.
  • Commissions front and back cover art.
  • Works closely with artists, guiding them from initial sketches to final files.
  • Secures supplemental art to round out each issue of the magazine. Creates images as needed. Finds relevant archival visual material to reprint with permission.
  • Attends editorial planning meetings. Works with the editor in chief to match the visual tone of each issue to its subject matter and theme. Reads drafts of writing in progress.

Page design and layout

  • Lays out all copy and designs pages for each issue of the magazine. Assembles these into a visually cohesive whole.
  • Works with editors to finalize page counts and story order.
  • With the managing editor, oversees print production. Guides each issue through layout and corrections. Sends final files to press.
  • Liaises with representatives at the press. Conducts press check.
  • Updates page templates in InDesign as needed. Keeps paragraph and character styles current. Will work with managing editor to develop an InCopy workflow for corrections.
  • Approves the appearance and image quality of the digital versions of each issue, including PDF and ebook.

Website and Social Media

  • Helps to shape the visual direction of The Baffler’s website. Offers periodic reviews of the website’s appearance, and provides guidance to the web developer and content manager.
  • Commissions occasional web illustrations in conjunction with contributing web art director.
  • Devises a plan for translating visual components of the print issue to the website. Resizes and converts print images for publication at
  • Resizes and converts print images for use on social media platforms. Creates animations, videos, and photographs to promote the issue.

Visual identity

  • Ensures consistency of appearance across The Baffler’s promotional materials, including direct mail, email newsletters, and other marketing communications.
  • Designs and/or updates stationery and event posters.


  • Tracks spending and stays within the annual art budget.
  • Sends contracts and w-9s to each artist, with the help of the managing editor.
  • Submits completed artist paperwork and list of payments to managing editor and bookkeeper.

Email résumés and cover letters to [email protected].

The Baffler Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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