Daniel Aaron, founder of the Library of America, has died. / Chris Drumm
The Baffler,  May 2, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Daniel Aaron, founder of the Library of America, has died. / Chris Drumm


• The news that George Mason University has renamed its law school for recently-deceased racist homophobe Antonin Scalia may not come as a surprise to anyone following the school’s ideological agenda—but it’s as good a reason as any to revisit Amber A’Lee Frost’s advice column on whether to pretend to respect a “human trash golem” while its corpse is still warm (no).

• Also in schoolwork: “It’s important that people get an education, of course,” says our founding editor Tom Frank, interviewed over at In These Times. “But the idea that this is what is holding them back is simply incorrect as a matter of fact. What’s holding them back is that they don’t have the power to demand higher wages.”

• The Baffler’s very own Hannah Gais, in Kiev’s Chernobyl Museum, questions the motivations of the disaster tourism industry, commenting that the place “feels and looks like an off-beat holy site. An iconostasis framed with barbed wire and radiation warning signs greets visitors as they walk up the stairs.”

• “He actually looked like he was melting”: Trump’s biographers talk facts, and lack thereof.

• Baffler friend and contributor Daniel Aaron died at 103 this weekend.

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