German intelligence agency BND is experiencing fallout from a literal leak caused by faucet theft. / Shaylor
The Baffler,  May 7, 2015

Daily Bafflements

German intelligence agency BND is experiencing fallout from a literal leak caused by faucet theft. / Shaylor


• Earlier this spring, the construction site for German intelligence agency BND’s new headquarters suffered from what the Twitterverse is dubbing its own #Watergate, a set of literal leaks caused by the theft of some newly installed faucets. We at The Baffler are holding out for an attendant “I am not a plumber” speech.

• In a near-perfect mashup of all our favorite trends, Forbes reports on “The Crowdfunding Festival That’s Creating A Startup City” in Jacksonville, FL, where a few tech entrepreneurs have found a way to save their ailing city with yet more startup activity. Phew!

• Today in billionaires: Honda already has one hundred orders for the private jet it’s currently manufacturing. The $4.5 million aircraft, while unattractive, will probably get great gas mileage and have excellent resale value.

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