Susan Faludi at The Baffler’s “Feminism for What?” conference

Susan Faludi—Pulitzer Prize winner, author of Backlash, and Baffler contributing editor—delivers the keynote address at the Baffler’s “Feminism for What?” conference on September 13, 2014, at John Jay College in New York.


“You may have noticed the recent campaign to install yoga studios and nap rooms in corporations—nap rooms, that is, for grown-ups. (Onsite childcare didn’t make the cut.) Arianna Huffington dubbed this initiative the ‘second women’s revolution.’ The revolution circulates through media appearances and corporately funded conferences with names like ‘Women Rule,’ where a few very powerful women deliver speeches to one another about female empowerment. . . . What’s amazing about this executive fixation is that it’s happening in the aftermath of the 2008 crash and at a time of breathtaking economic polarization—in other words, at the very moment when female income inequality should be the feminist issue. Where is the feminist equivalent of Occupy?” (Susan Faludi’s keynote address, entitled “From the Lowell ‘Mill Girls’ to Lean In: The Long Dance of Feminism and Capitalism”)


[Note: there is a blip in the video around 15:43. It’s not you, it’s us; our apologies.]

Posted on December 02, 2014