Lauren Kirchner

Kirchner-biophotoLauren Kirchner is the web editor of The Baffler. She oversees the publication of the magazine’s print content online, runs the site’s various social media accounts, and edits the daily Baffler blog.

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Before joining The Baffler, Kirchner was a freelance journalist and researcher, and the editor of Longform’s weekly podcast. She was previously an assistant editor at the Columbia Journalism Review. Currently she writes a weekly column about crime and criminal justice for Pacific Standard.

Born in Virginia and raised in New York, Kirchner received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. Before turning her attention to writing and editing, she was first a call-screener, and then a producer, for several shows at the now-defunct Air America Radio network.

She lives in Brooklyn. She can be found on Twitter @lkirchner.